CND Solar Oil – The Miracle in a Bottle

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If you’ve ever been to see me  (or any other CND trained nail technician) for a nail appointment, you will know how much I love Solar Oil and preach on about the benefits of this miracle in a bottle. Not only is it great for your nails, but it has numerous other uses too…I thought I’d let you in on how this miraculous wonder potion works.

CND Solar Oil is a multi award winning product and has been a favourite amongst nail technicians and manicurists ever since it was created in the 1980’s.

Solar Oil is more than just a cuticle oil. It is made up of a blend of ingredients, including Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil and Vitamin E oil which has been especially formulated to work as a system with  any CND nail enhancement including L+P (acrylic nail enhancements), Brisa (hard gel), Brisa Lite Sculpting Gel, Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel and Shellac. This miracle product has been designed to penetrate through these enhancements to the nail plate, allowing your nails to not only look good, but feel good too.

Using Solar Oil is as important to your nails, as applying conditioner to coloured hair. Your nails NEED it…its not an option with Nail enhancements, its a necessity for the wellbeing of your natural nails and will prolong the wearability of your enhancements.

CND Solar Oil - The Miracle in a Bottle

CND Solar Oil – The Miracle in a Bottle

The use of Solar Oil isn’t only important on nail enhancements, its just as important to use it on your natural nails too.This vitamin rich oil will penetrate through to the nail plate and beyond, allowing your nails to be flexible, hydrated and nourished, keeping your nails protected to prevent the cause of brittle nails which can lead to chipping.


It is important to apply Solar Oil at least twice a day and it is VERY important to do so at bed time, so that it will soak into your nails and surrounding skin to replace any moisture (oils) that has been lost during the day, this also helps to keep your hand and nails youthful. As we start to age our bodies slow down the ability to produce natural oils, so the additional use of Solar Oil is beneficial to having perfect well conditioned nails.

How to use Solar Oil: Use at least twice a day, making sure to use it as part of your bedtime routine. Apply a small amount to each finger nail, massage it in.

If you would like to purchase a bottle of the award winning Solar Oil, please email me at or come to visit me at 267 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 2UQ

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