Nail Enhancements and Extensions

Have you always wanted to have longer nails but you feel that your nails could do with a bit more added strength and length to allow them to be little bit more durable? If so choosing nail enhancements and extensions would be the right choice for you.

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Which Enhancements are right for you?

Natural Nail Overlay (NNO)
If you’re able to grow your nails to a good length and you would just like them to be more durable then I would suggest that you choose a Natural Nail Overlay (NNO) as this would mean that you would keep your natural nail and just have a layer of either Brisa Gel, Brisa Lite Sculpting Gel or Acrylic (L&P) to give them shape and extra support that they require. Having a nail enhancement of this kind on your nails will allow your nails to grow, making them look and feel amazing.

Extensions (Sculptured Nails or Tips)
If you’re unable to grow your nails but would love to have long nails, then this is the type of enhancement for you. Length is added by either sculpting on a nail form or nail tips are adhered to your natural nails with added strength applied to them with either Brisa Gel, Brisa Lite Sculpting Gel or Acrylic (L&P). This will give them the perfect look and durability making you feel like you want to show your hands off to everyone.


As with any of the above treatments, your nails  will need to be well maintained. It is recommended that you follow this by coming to the salon every 2 weeks, to have your enhancements infilled to make sure they’re well kept and that they’re looking presentable.