Male Nail Art – As Featured in Scratch Magazine

scratch magazine

Hey Nail Lovers,

So this month I was extra excited to receive my September issue of Scratch Magazine, because not only would it be stuffed to the brim with all the latest news in the world of nails including the new seasons hottest trends…but I was also going to be featured in it too!

Scratch Magazine

The article which my work was featured in was about male grooming…and my particular section was about male nail art! Yes that’s right! Why should the ladies have ALL the fun…let the boys get in on the action too!

Scratch Magazine

Scratch Magazine is a monthly subscription nail magazine mainly for nail professionals and is a great source of information, featuring all the hottest trends and tutorials.

If you would like to see more of my male nail art please CLICK HEREĀ 

Thanks for reading

Much Love
Sheena <3

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