Nail Aftercare Advice

So now that I have made your nails look beautiful, its now your turn to keep them looking fabulous until your next appointment.

If you have any nail coatings, including CND Shellac, gel nails or acrylic nails, if you follow the  Nail aftercare advice below,  your nails should stay looking fabulous for longer.

CND Shellac Master Painter

  • Always use gloves when washing up, cleaning or gardening.
  • Use cuticle oil every night just before going to bed (CND Solar Oil can be purchased from me).
  • Moisturise your hands every time after washing hands.
  • Never use your nails as tools.
  • Always use a base coat under nail polish to avoid discolouring.
  • Use non-acetone nail polish remover.
  • Do not pick off the shellac/enhancements as this will cause damage to the nail plate.
  • If lifting can be seen please contact me as water and dirt can get under and cause an infection.
  • It is recommended that maintenance appointments should be booked every 2-3weeks.
  • Do not try to do home nail repairs or remove Shellac /nail enhancements yourself.
  • Please wash hands thoroughly after using fake tan/hair colour as these may discolour nails.
  • If you are on holiday please be careful when using sun tan oils or insect repellent solutions as many of these products contain DEET which will cause damage to the Shellac.
  • If any adverse reaction occurs please contact your GP.
  • And of course be fabulous and enjoy your nails!