Olympia Beauty 2013

Hi Nail Lovers!

Well yesterday (Monday 23rd September) I went to one of the biggest events in the beauty industries diary – Olympia Beauty 2013!

This is a trade only event that takes place once a year and is where Nail Technicians, Beauty Therapists, Lasholigists, Make Up Artists etc etc can get their hands on the newest and up to date products on the market!

Now being a predominantly CND Nail Technician and a self confessed Shellac addict I was going for one thing only…the long awaited release of the CND Shellac Intimate Collection and the CND Shellac Charmed Collection.

I had heard rumours of the queues being horrendously long on the Sunday…so I was prepared for the Monday…I was treating it like some sort of army mission!

I dropped Lé Child off to school on Monday morning and went onto my favourite new iPhone app “City Mapper” to find the quickest and easiest way to get to Olympia in Kensington…and the best way was by bus, it was only 26 bus stops away! So I headed off onto my journey, armed with a list of things I wanted to buy.

Olympia Beauty List

Olympia Beauty List

I arrived at my destination at 9:45am, a little queue had formed outside and I thought to myself “Oh here we go, its already started”…I got talking to another CND tech and a Gelish/Nail Harmony tech in the queue, I also bought a programme and located where the Sweet Squared stand was and before we knew it, it was time to go in….YIPEEEE!!!!

Immediately I hot footed it straight to the S2 stand which looked fabulous and much bigger than ever before, all the girls looked immaculate in their little black dresses and guess what?! There was no queue at all…I didn’t even really have time to tweet about it OR check in (I know! Shock horror, right?!). I had pre ordered everything I wanted and collected it from the Square House…phew..no lining up for hours! WINNING!!!! (hmmm, a bit 2012? I don’t care! I felt like a warlock…this was magical!!!).

Excuse the face…I was trying to get the “Find Me on LoveCND” in the pic!

So I was just about to walk away with my huge bag of goodies when I saw the Nail Icon Himself – Ketan Patel and The Fabulous Samantha Sweet…and well, I went a bit fan girl and asked them for a photo and had a bit of a chinwag with them both…they’re both lovely and work so hard to keep the nail industry up to date with products and techniques.

Samantha Sweet and Ketan Patel

Samantha Sweet and Ketan Patel

After that I heard an announcement that Peter Andre was going to be signing bottles of his new perfume…so for some bizarre reason (I’m not sure what came over me) I made my way to the celebrity area…I saw the lovely Amy Childs who looked stunning…but then came to my senses and left before Peter Andre made an appearance! While all the screaming girls were preoccupied THIS was my perfect opportunity to shop!

Looking at my map, I located the Crystal Nails stand and the lovely Kerry Moores recognised me from Facebook and helped me choose some products as I have been fascinated by their gels for a while and wanted to try them out, I’ve also heard amazing things about their brushes, so I bought a few of those too!

Wandering around I remembered that I had to renew my Scratch Magazine subscription and made my way there, I met Helena Biggs who gave me a few more issues of this months copy as I was featured in it…and of course Scratch do the best goodie bags ever! The amount in the bags actually cost more than a years membership!

During my time wandering around and checking out all the products  I went to the OPI stand and spotted non other than THE NAIL GUY – Robert Nguyen who I recognised from his awesome Youtube Channel…his tutorials are by far the most entertaining ever…he’s a funny guy and awesome nail technician.

The Nail Guy - Robert Nguyen for OPI

The Nail Guy – Robert Nguyen for OPI

I then made my way upstairs to catch Sam Biddle  talking about her Arabella Forms and Nail Art Pen, which was very interesting and definitely products worth getting, to make ones work easier and more efficient.

Sam Biddle

Sam Biddle

Olympia Beauty

Olympia Beauty

By this time I was absolutely starving and all shopped out, I bought most of the things I wanted and felt truly satisfied that I had a great day, I had picked up some fabulous products that I can’t wait to use on my clients.

Now…bring on Professional Beauty at Excel!!!! (ahhh the life of a nail addict…always looking for another fix!).

Much Love

Sheena <3


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