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Offering more colours and style options in Shellac than any other salon in Islington, with over 80 shades to choose from. I’m certain that you’ll find a colour and style to suit your needs,

Shellac nails are becoming increasingly popular as many people are choosing Shellac Manicure over a regular polish manicure because of the longevity of its high shine, and with proper maintenance it is virtually chip resistant.

Those that in the past have been a fan of acrylic overlays are opting for shellac as there is no damage to the natural nail as no buffing of the nail plate is required at all, enabling damaged nails to recover but still look fabulous.

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The Promise

Many seem to call the product or treatment different names whether its a two week manicure, hybrid nail polish, UV polish, Gel polish. However Shellac by CND is the original Power Polish, which is an innovated chip-free, high shine nail colour which can last up to 14+ days…

There are many brands that offer a similar promise to that of CND Shellac, however but I choose to use the original Power Polish on my clients as I believe that it is the number 1 product that does exactly what it says and is time effective.

CND have also got patent rights the term CND Shellac and you will never see the word Shellac on any other gel polish bottle because there is only ONE Shellac in the world of nails.

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Easy On…Easy Off

Shellac is applied with the same ease of regular nail polish with no buffing to the natural nail plate, causing no damage at all. Each coat of CND Shellac has to be cured under the CND UV/LED Lamp as it is this that creates the fabulous long lasting high shine. The application includes 1 thin layer of Shellac Base Coat, 10 seconds under the CND UV lamp, 2 coats of Shellac Colour Coat, both of these layers must go under the CND UV Lamp for 2 minutes each and then finally a thin layer of Shellac Top Coat  followed by another final 2 minutes under the CND UV Lamp.

To ensure that you’re nails are well hydrated and conditioned whilst wearing Shellac, please be sure to always use Solar Oil, which works as a power partner with Shellac as it penetrates through the nail coating, to your nail plate and beyond.

The removal of CND Shellac is easy too and should always be removed by a professional. After 10 – 15 minutes the Shellac should easily slide off the nail plate with no buffing required.

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If you’re still wondering what all the fuss is about CND Shellac Nails, then book an appointment and see for yourself.

I am CND certified to offer this treatment and you’ll find me on the LOVE SHELLAC salon locator.

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